Call me professional

My professional online identity is pretty respectful. As I was looking up myself online I discovered that it is mostly my social media accounts, basketball stuff, and education posts. Frankly, if anyone who knew me searched me up online they would expect everything that came up. I made my Facebook and Instagram private. I also made my Facebook name harder to search. Once I started my education program, I tried really hard to make sure my online identity was ‘clean’. I would not want my students to find something inappropriate about me. I also advise my friends to withhold embarrassing posts about me. I feel like as a teacher you can have a separate life that your students do not have to worry about. For example, teachers can go out for drinks with friends but I do not think the students have to know. Teachers do not want to promote drinking towards their students and that’s why it should remain hidden. On the other hand, if teachers go on a beautiful vacation, the pictures that were taken are defiantly appropriate to share. What I’m trying to say is, teachers/pre-service teachers must understand what they can and cannot post online. I would say that if any of my students/players I coach looked me up online they would not find anything wrong.

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1 Response to Call me professional

  1. Josh,
    I definitely agree that teachers should have a separate life outside of teaching and that it should not be easily accessible to their students. I also advice my friends to withhold embarrassing or inappropriate posts about me but this can be tough sometimes because my older sister likes to publicly embarrass me every chance she gets! The best way I deal with that is to not have tagged photos show up on my Instagram or I ask her to remove it.
    Thanks for sharing,


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