Educational Tweeting

Last Thursday I had been involved in a live Saskatchewan Education chat on Twitter. It was an experience. The reason I just say “experience” is that I definitely benefited and vice versa. The chat got my brain working and I developed ideas about difficult discussions. Difficult discussions absolutely happen within classrooms, so this was quite beneficial coming up with ideas that I would not have done on my own. Along with saying that, I do not know the other people in the chat, so I do not actually know if they had had these experiences in the classroom and whether or not it worked for them. 

The biggest positive from Twitter for me would be that it is the best social network for my education as of right now. Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are the social networks that I use the most and I do not learn about education from these as much as I do on Twitter. My PLN(Professional Learning Network) is building through Twitter more than any other social network. I did not think that social media would help my education. Society today emphasizes on how social media is hurting our youth but it is benefitting me in my future career. 

In conclusion, Twitter chats can be very beneficial by learning from different perspectives in your field. Twitter is definitely a great way to develop your PLN by communicating with colleagues and having a professional profile. I would recommend Twitter to my classmates because there is a lot of great educational content out there to be discovered.

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1 Response to Educational Tweeting

  1. Joshua,
    I totally agree that twitter is the best social media site for me when it comes to building my PLN (besides maybe wordpress). I never knew that the educational community on Twitter was so large!
    Thanks for sharing,


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