Taught Drama Digitally

This week I had taught a mini-lesson in my EDTC 400 class about Digital Citizenship. I explained to the class a short summary on Digital Citizenship and another short summary on the 5 elements of a story. I planned for this to be a drama lesson, so I split the class into 3 groups giving each group a prompt on issues regarding Digital Citizenship. I thought it went smoothly and I sent the message I wanted to. 

I thought most of the lesson went fairly well. In the beginning, I thought that I delivered the necessary material well. I thought the class understood what I was trying to teach. Everyone easily understood what 5 elements I wanted in a story. In the scenes they performed, it was clear that they knew how to make a great story with each component. At the discussion period, everyone who was in the audience could identify which elements were presented. I was very impressed with class participation and engagement. I felt very comfortable teaching Digital Citizenship and I thought my points were clear and easy to understand. The class delivered a message about Digital Citizenship in their scenes with realistic problems. That was my main goal in the group work. I also thought that everyone was involved in each scene, so groups of 2-3 people worked great. Overall, I feel very confident about my lesson. Well, it all depends on the class. I choose this activity just for this class knowing that it is quite small in participants. I would adapt a little depending on what kind of class I have. It would roughly be the type of lesson for most classes. I would teach/recap the material then split into groups and finally present and discuss. The only challenge I would address was that it was kind of difficult to interact in the scenes. I could imagine that just talking face to face may be difficult. Although, on the other hand, it challenged everyone’s acting and definitely bettered their skills. In drama, I would say that it was very easy to teach this topic. In other classes, I could see more difficulties. Through drama, I think that you can teach any sensitive topic easily if your students engage. Not every drama class has to be ‘fun’ but it should grab students’ interest. Internet safety should interest students because they have to be somewhat curious about the topic. 

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  1. I had fun participating in your lesson, and you are right; our goal should be to engage students. I think something that are class was confused a little bit about (and I’m sure a lot of classes are) is the difference between the plot and conflict. How might you address this with students?


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