Cell Phones should be banned in the classroom.

For starters, I think that cellphones are a big distraction inside the classroom. Saying that; banning them might be a little extreme. I believe that if the teacher makes that content that they are teaching engaging then the use of cellphones will go down. A lot of my peers believe that cellphone use in the classroom is inevitable, which I agree with. Yes, students will constantly use their cellphones but we have to develop a strong trusting relationship with each of our students. Banning cellphones in the classroom can start the relationship worse. By banning cellphones, you as a teacher already have zero trust in that department. Students have a strong feel when they are trusted or not. This is not a good foundation to have in your classroom. Being known as a trusting teacher will get students to feel sympathy for you. If you want your students to act like grown ups then you should treat them like grown ups. If this rule was set in a university course, I do not think the students would appreciate this rule at all. Banning cellphones is not the solution you are looking for. This is an easy way out, rather than developing a strong and trusting relationship.

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