Were there elements that you found particularly challenging and/or rewarding? 

The one element that was extremely challenging was that no one from EDTC 300 reached out for help. I did not want to pester them constantly so at the start of the semester I messaged all of my mentees saying that “I am here for you if you need any help throughout the semester, all you have to do is contact me at any time.” This made it extremely difficult to mentor anyone frankly. I think if you want mentors to do more mentoring you should advise the mentees to reach out every week as a requirement. You cannot really help people who do not contact you for help. 

What did this process teach you about what it might be like to teach an online class? 

This process taught me that in order for you to teach an online class you must communicate. Communication is very essential when you cannot physically see them everyday. I also believe that you must have your students comfortable enough to reach out for help. If students will not express where they are having issues then it makes it difficult to help with said issues. Another thing you should consider while teaching an online class is that there are many different ways to engage your students. Students enjoy technology and have found many excitable to learn through technology. 

What did you learn about teaching in general?

Well I would not say I had just learned this but there were a lot of recurring topics throughout this semester. Communication was one of those factors and it is more clear now then ever that it is extremely important in terms of teaching. It might sound silly but I think teachers need to take more time and try to better their own communication skills. This is where most confusion in the classroom setting happens, through lack or weak communication. It goes both ways, teachers and students must have great communication skills in order for everyone to better their learning. Another thing I learned throughout this semester is that there are so many classes that can benefit from technology. This COVID-19 crisis showed the entire world what technology can do for us.

Below is a sample of the mentoring I did this semester.

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