Schools should not focus on teaching things that can be googled.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis many parents are trying to teach their children from home. Many of the adults I keep in contact with express the trouble they are having. If most adults have unlimited access to google then why should the statement “Schools should not focus on teaching things that can be googled” relevant. If schools focused on things that can be googled then why is homeschooling so difficult. I believe that schools already focus on things that cannot be googled. Relationships for example; student-teacher relationships are a major factor in students learning. Students will have many teachers who have impacted them in positive ways and discovering what works for every student. Google can not give you that same face to face reaction due to authenticity. Society strives on face to face contact and it will continue to excel, google simply can not offer that. Granted, I have done a lot of learning from google, as I have with teachers. It is a matter of balance, you can learn a lot from surfing the internet. Although your teachers can offer a lot of things google cannot.

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