Technology in the classroom enhances learning.

This is a very interesting statement. It has been argued that technology can or cannot be helpful in the classroom. I believe that it can enhance learning and technology is a fabulous learning tool that a lot of students can benefit from. I have witnessed and experienced many students who excel while learning from technology. As it continues to grow and impact our world today, we should not shy away from technology use in the classroom but embrace it instead. After my class had a debate on the topic I realized that my fellow classmates are very excited to use technology in their future teaching practice. Honestly, other teachers probably feel the same way. The positive attitude towards educational technology can promote a positive attitude towards learning. If students see and feel how strongly their teacher feels about an educational tool such as technology, they are motivated to learn. 

One huge topic we discussed about educational technology is how interesting it is. It can create a more engaging learning environment for all students. This educational tool can make learning much more interesting. When I was in a grade 3 classroom, the students used tablets for mathematics and the primary teacher did not have to ask them to stay on task. They were engaged in the learning program provided and focused on their work for 30 straight minutes. It was amazing because this class is typically chatty. 

On the other hand, we must understand when and when not to use technology in the classroom. This will take a lot of trial and error. See what technology works for your specific classroom. For example; the great invention, the Smartboard. I have experienced nothing but failure when using this piece of technology but I would understand that it worked for some other classes. It had to have worked for another class otherwise it would become obsolete. 

I think the future of learning relies on technology. I am very excited for the future of learning and how many interesting ways to teach students through the use of technology. In mathematics, it can be heavily integrated into most lessons. My message to future and present teachers is that we cannot shy away from technology because it can create so many different opportunities for everyone.

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